The Damadian Mansion, an architectural jewel built by a Norwegian in love with old Constanța

The Damidian Mansion was built in 1894 by a German family who wanted to live in the old part of Constanța, back when that area was empty, surrounded by nothing but the sea. After Alice Wegener, the owner, died, the house and land were sold off several times until, finally, at the start of the 20th century, they reached an Armenian family. Armenag and Haigouhy Damadian finished the construction in the 20s, based on the architectural plans of Victor Ștefănescu, and brought it to its final shape, under which it was to become known as the Damadian Mansion.

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Iași: The tower of the "St. Spiridon" church, built in 1785, has started being rehabilitated. The clergy has started work although they didn't gather all the necessary funds

After eight years during which it was covered in scaffolding just to be assessed, the tower of the “St. Spiridon” church, a Iași historic monument changed its “clothing” recently. New scaffolding was put up, this time in order to perform the consolidation. The priests have started the work although they have managed to gather less than a quarter of the estimated cost of the restoration and are asking the authorities for help. If they do not get it, the construction will be abandoned, and the 18th century monument could be affected and become a danger for passers-by.

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The oldest working paddle ship in the world, "Tudor Vladimirescu", is now a protocol ship for PSD

Having come into Romanian property in 1919, as a war capture, the paddle ship “Croatia” was built in 1854 at the Budapest Ganzdanubius Shipyard. Initially, the vessel was used as a towboat for the Austrian company DDSG, which traded along the Danube and needed a powerful fleet to cross the Cazane area. Renamed “Sarmisegetuza” and then “Grigore Manu”, the oldest still-working paddle ship was made a passenger craft and used by King Ferdinand and Queen Marie, King Carol II and King Mihai, as well as by Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej and the soviet leader Nichita Hrusciov. Renamed again by the Communist rule, the paddle ship now named “Tudor Vladimirescu” was repaired and modified in several stages, without being registered as a national treasure. Currently, the ship is docked in Galați, owned by a company controlled by the Minister of Finance, Viorel Ștefan, and is used as the PSD protocol vessel.

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