Expert Forum has launched the report entitled “Money and procurement: where have the PNDL contracts gone?” which analyses how the national funds under the National Programme for Local Development are distributed and how public procurement is done at local level. We analysed projects in the counties of Giurgiu, Tulcea, Vâlcea, Dâmbovița and Suceava, as well as contracts concluded with the county councils of Hunedoara, Bacău, Vaslui or Teleorman, and we wanted to see whether there is clientelism in the public procurement procedures.
After analysing hundreds of procurements and realizing that the information from the SEAP and from the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration is not centralised and is incomplete, we concluded that one the one hand clientelism is not related necessarily to a political party, but more with the local affinities and “center” relationships. Also, the discretionary measures of MDRAP and allocation are related to the lack of clarity and politisation of the programme and the non-transparent procurement at beneficiary level.